Permanently closed since April 2018.

Free entry                            

An interactive and evolving maritime museum 
 Marvel at the magnificent Titanic 1:10 scale model which size allows you to go inside and explore the Parisian cafe’, the bridge and the Marconi wireless room.  
 Get claustrophobic in the sphere of the replica Nautile submarine, one of the mini submersibles that dives 3 miles down to the Titanic. 
    Send an SOS on the Marconi wireless and hear the awesome roar of the Titanic’s fog horn.
 Peruse the many images of the Titanic in the main building and view art deco ship posters of the era.
 Step on board and bait some creels on the Guiding Star,a West Coast creel fishing boat which was the last built at Inverness’s Thornbush slipway.
 Find things to see and do in the 10 ton steel wheel house of the Achieve fishing trawler from Fraserburgh’s east coast.
     Try on a survival suit - see how quickly you can do it.   

 Climb aboard a full-scale replica of the Star Of Hope, the first Herring Drifter from Buckie.

●  Explore a 45ft Watson class ex RNLI lifeboat that originally saved 58 lives. Dress up and pretend to be a captain, explore inside a life raft and much more!